We are proud to announce our new nursery will be opening soon in Crook.

Communication made easy.

The importance of clear and open communications channels brings real benefits to both parents and staff, so at Curious Minds we use ParentZone technology to ensure you have all the information you need, at hand, to give you peace of mind.

ParentZone is a smartphone app which gives you access to information about your child’s day at a time which suits you.

This app increases your partnership with Curious Minds by allowing two-way communication.

You can access observations completed on your child which puts your mind at ease when they are at nursery.

The app allows you to view invoices, request/edit bookings and gives you access to all of the different communications which have been sent from the nursery. 

With enhanced encryption, ParentZone is safe and secure so that communications cannot be read by third parties. 

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